Michael Pellegrino - Principal

michael pellegrinoMichael Pellegrino formed Little Dogs Productions in 2005. Prior to forming Little Dogs Productions, Michael has been in the entertainment industry most of his life..

As a young teenager Michael appeared in the Marva Collins Story staring Cicely Tyson and Morgan Freeman. Later that same year Michael was also given the opportunity to work with the late great John Belushi in the movie Continental Divide. As an adult Michael found his comfort zone behind the camera. In 1992, Michael joined Max Net entertainment as a casting director and went on to become a senior writer.

In 1994 Michael teamed up with R&B and legendary Motown artist Ronnie McNeir, from the Four Tops, it wasn’t long after they fortified a brother like bond that Michael assumed the management position to Ronnie McNeir and they have been a team ever since. In 2000 Michael was recruited by Artist Management founded by legendary talent agent Michael Ovitz to be a writer and he began to work alongside Michael Ovitz.  In 2001 Michael Pellegrino signed a multi million dollar publishing agreement one of the biggest ever given to a Author. Later that year, Michael became a New York Times bestselling author. Michael teamed up with Area 52 Entertainment LLC to produce and co-write what would soon be a Las Vegas musical hit.

Michael worked with legendary producers Gary Ouellet and David Tumaroff to make Tease the musical a Las Vegas smash hit. In 2004 Michael was recruited by Sunset Island Records to be the VP of Artist Development. In 2005 Michael went on to co produce the CD entitled Ronnie Mac and company Michael also co-wrote the song “I Don’t Feel That Way Anymore” written with Ronnie McNeir and Kathy Lamar. In 2010, Michael was the executive producer of the CD titled “Living My Life.” Michael has continued concurrently throughout to do his first love, which is writing and developing movies and TV shows.  Michael is a member of the Screenwriter’s Guild and the Author’s Guild.